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4 Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Fall

Fall is an ideal time to reassess your home security—both inside and out. While many associate summer with break-ins and disturbances—people are on vacation, homes are vacant and weather tends to be warmers and drier—fall also comes with a host of unique challenges homeowners need to consider and prepare for.

From shorter daylight hours to less-than-consistent weather to yards covered in leaves and fall debris, this season can be ideal for break-ins. Here’s recommendations on how to safeguard your home, your property and your family.

Set your lights

It sounds simple enough—and it is. Simple timed and motion-triggered lights can deter thieves and vandals instantly. On a well-lit street or property it’s very easy to spot something out of the ordinary—even if you aren’t home, if your neighbors spot someone lurking, they’ll likely contact you or call the police.

Ideally, integrate timed lights and motion-sensored lighting. For example, you may opt to have your exterior lights flip on at 7:00pm in the fall, just as it’s getting dark. Maybe an hour or two later one of your living room lights pops on as well, making the space look not just occupied, but active. That alone is likely to send thieves off to another house—or off of your block for good.

Keep mail on hold

There’s no greater tell-tale sign of a vacant property than a mailbox overflowing with bills, magazines and other correspondence. Most areas offer free mail holds—simply go online to USPS.com, enter your address and the dates you’ll be away and “submit.” You can opt to have mail held at your local post office or delivered when you’re back. Either way your mail and packages will be safe and secure, and your mailbox won’t be a dead giveaway that you’re gone.

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Lock down your backyard

Usually the front of a house is more visible to the street and nearby neighbors which is why most break-ins happen in the back.

To deter people with an eye on breaking in through the back, make sure your fence is closed and locked every night. Also, don’t let bushes, trees and shrubs in the back get overgrown—that can create optimal hideout options while thieves or vandals case your property.

Bring in tools

Rakes, shovels, even metal hose heads can be used to smash through windows and gain entry to your property. In the fall, these tools are often left out and about so homeowners can pick up chores right where they left off. While it seems innocent enough, in the wrong hands these household items can do much more harm than good.

For more fall security tips or to schedule your in-home security assessment, contact Frase now.

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